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We have three breeding girls, pictured below. They are all FIV, FELV and Tritrichomonas Foetus free. All of our cats have also either tested HCM negative or been bred from proven HCM-negative lines so kittens sold will be clear of both of the identified genes.


For years, all of our girls have lived communally with access to a large main living area filled with comfy napping spots, climbing furniture and heaps of toys. On our new property, there are many outbuilding spaces that we are busy renovating with a view to developing animal assisted therapy and crafting programmes. So living arrangements will more likely be in smaller groups. For the time being, they are housed in our temporary cattery in the barn. They have outside runs joined onto heated, insulated pens and they all adjusted very well to the big move. We're sure they are looking forward to their new digs, however... particularly the wood burner we have installed for them!


Our mums birth in our house, where my office doubles as a nursery. Whenever we can, we try to keep two or three pregnant mums together so that they can have a bit of company and support along the way and so that the kittens have plenty of play mates to keep them entertained and help them learn about boundaries in their behaviour. We believe that raising our kittens within the home environment makes all the difference in how confident and friendly they will be as pets.

Our breeding girls

Ragatage Oona

Pedigree name Ragatage Oona

Date of birth 15 June 2013

Colour Seal colour point


Characteristics Chunky big Oona is just like her mum, Pandora, and the two shared a special bonding time in the hosue - Oona with her first pregnancy and Pandy with her last. She has proved to be a super mum, often mother her own and helping Luna along, who prefers more 'me time' than Oona. She has had four litters and is now coming to the end of her breeding career. We will monitor her condition over the rest of the winter and decide if she will have one more or not.


Pedigree name Rosyposy Baby Cake

Date of birth 1 April 2014

Colour Blue mitted


Characteristics Luna came to us from Christine

Redmayne's Rosyposy cattery and is a brave little joker with a lovely nature. She has grown into a cheeky girl, who isn't

afraid to speak her mind. Her mothering skills are great but she definitely tires of keeping her babies entertained. Which is where her best pal Oona comes in. Endlessly curious, she keeps everyone on their toes!

Ragatage OMG

Pedigree name Ragatage OMG

Date of birth 12 July 2016

Colour Blue colour point


Characteristics OMG (pronounced Ohm-jee) was just that when she popped out - unbelievable OMG gorgeous from the get-go. She is definitely the dominant of the three and runs a very tight ship. Although only new to motherhood, she has done a great job of learning the ropes along the way. Overly protective, there is no way she would let midwife Oona near her babies!

IMG_3394 IMG_3353 2 IMG_3438 OMG2 OMG1