Ragatage Ragdolls

Kittens bought purely as pets or show neuters cost £500 each. A deposit of £100 is required to secure a kitten.


In past we have sold kittens for breeding in accordance with the pricing structure set out by the GCCF but it is a rare thing and one which we do not take lightly. We would only consider selling kittens to GCCF-registered breeders who are also members of The British Ragdoll Cat Club and would need to speak extensively to prospective breeders regarding their understanding of the breed and genetics involved in choosing lines as well as their plans for happiness, health, hygiene, upkeep, general maintenance of living quarters, etc.




Ragatage quality



Image courtesy of David Goold, owner of Sinta (Ragatage Henrietta, pictured here).

Our kittens...

Conditions of sale

Although we do not generally make a habit of house visits, we do like to know as much as possible about prospective owners and their intended living arrangements for our kittens, including the presence of children and other pets. Ragdolls are incredibly laid-back in nature but, in the end, each cat is unique in personality and individual in their relationships with their counterparts. With over ten years of experience in dealing with these lovely cats, we feel that we are in a good position to offer guidance and advice when choosing a kitten that will suit you.


Likewise, we do expect that you understand the obligation you make to our cats when purchasing them and agree to a number of conditions as laid out in our contracts, of which there are two:


- Contract for sale of a kitten registered through the GCCF on the non-active register, which is for owners       buying cats as pets or show neuters.



GCCF code of ethics

As lovely as it is to preceded by our reputation, the sheer volume of enquiries lately has become entirely unmanageable. For this reason, we have decided not to advertise individual kittens any more. What we would ask is that you either email or phone to see if there might be kittens for sale or coming up and to discuss the possibility of welcoming a Ragatage kitten into your life.


Or you could always have a look at The British Ragdoll Cat Club site (www.tbrcc.co.uk), where you will find an extensive list of breeders who may have available kittens. All of them are breeders who have taken the time to attend TBRCC's introductory and advanced seminars in order to make sure they are doing all the right things in their breeding practice.


Or you might want to consider opening your home to one of the many Ragdolls needing new homes. As a liaison for The British Ragdoll Cat Club's Rescue & Rehome service, Lara will be able to tell you about all the cats currently in care and send through an application form. Or you can view all the cats in care here and also download an application form:




Whatever route you go down, please remember that Ragdolls are very sensitive creatures. Sure, they are friendly and approachable but they also need a lot of love and attention to remain contented.


We are registered breeders with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and are also part of their Breeder Scheme, which promotes responsible pedigree cat breeding practices. Our kittens are reared and sold within the GCCF guidelines, as well as those of The British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC), of which we are members. Lara is also a TBRCC committee member and serves as a liaison for their Rescue & Rehome service.



Feel free to contact us if you are interested in arranging a visit or would like to chat more about becoming a Ragdoll owner:


01896 849 586 (home)

07779 339 653 (Lara's mobile)


* Please note that the mobile reception where we live is patchy at best so if we have not responded to your enquiry within 24 hours, try the house phone or send us an email: [email protected]



- Contract for sale of a kitten registered through the GCCF on the active register, which is for owners buying cats with potential for breeding.


Two original copies of the applicable contract are signed by both parties upon collection of your kitten but we would be happy to forward the contract in advance. It is imperative that an understanding and acceptance of the GCCF's code of ethics precede any agreement made. If you would like to read through this document, click here:

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Our kittens go to their new homes at around 14/15 weeks of age, once they have been neutered/spayed by Ragatage owner Andrew, who is a qualified veterinary surgeon and runs the regenerative medicine unit at Greenside Vets in St Boswells, Scottish Borders.


Kittens leave us GCCF-registered (with a four-generation pedigree), wormed and microchipped. Because Andy is a vet, they are under the very best care from the moment they are born. Lara and the children are able to spend a lot of time with them and they are raised within the home environment, which makes for healthy, happy, curious, confident, well-adjusted kittens.


They are vaccinated against flu, enteritis, chlamydia and feline leukaemia and go to their new homes with a supply of food and litter, a Ragatage information pack and four weeks' worth of insurance cover. This is all inclusive in the price.